Epoch of the Epok Life 

This week was looooooooong, it was like the endless caterpillar sprung from a Martian crater into space where it mutated into a Pokemon dragon and it’s coming to eat humankind for brunch. But it’s over!! My body is sore and my head is all over the planet, but my craving for blood and poking arms with needles is finally sorted. We basically had the usual training all week long but my body is so sore and tired and dramatically affected by all this and I don’t know why. Actually BASICALLY I AM OFFICIALLY OLD. Oh and guess who has decided to abandon me in my time of need – the canteen Makcik is no more! I’m not sure which Makcik paradise she’s gone and retired to but my epok epok connection is offline. No epok epok on resexvist! What is life!? I’ve also noticed that even though I tend to get angry at little things all the time, the one time I reached the demonic level of angry this week was when my autocorrect changed the word EPOK EPOK when I typed it out in whatsapp (because of course I was going to bitch endlessly about this to all my friends, right – there is no epok epok to bitch to about the epok epok less ness of my newly savage life!!) HOW DARE YOU WHATSAPP. How dare you. 


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