Body of Ouch

So the first day of resexvist went okay, AND YET. I had never felt so tired and sore in my entire freaking life when I finally reached home. And we basically sat around doing nothing yesterday. How am I going to feel when we actually start doing things?! I am officially AN OLD MAN NOW. Thank you, miracle of life, for taking away your miraculousness one sad day at a time, until I am but a shell of wonderlessness who spends my life waiting for my bedtime. I literally took Grabhitch to camp and then Grabshare home, and the gods that reside in the hightowers of Mount Grab, land of the forever surge, granted me zero other riders and extremely jamless smooth rides with non-chatty drivers. It does not make sense that I was that deprived of energy and human willpower to think clear thoughts and make my own orange-lime juice combo! Why was I so tired! I mean, I feel great now but I went to bed at 9.30pm and had 7 hours of sleep! That’s a lot! Of sleep! Absolutely nothing of interest happened yesterday, other than I met 4 other guys whose first words to me were variations of – I NEED COFFEE and WHERE THE FLYING F CAN I FIND COFFEE HERE. I think I have found my people. 


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