So we finally watched the new Power Rangers movie yesterday and it wasn’t painful, it did not kill us in the eyeballs, it wasn’t torture to my brain – it was just cute and blah and oh so extremely intensely unfathomably predictable (although, we would have complained anyway, if they changed the colours or the animals or the freaking giant floating face on the crazy 3D flat screen, right) which is fine, I guess. I did not love it, but I might watch the next one BECAUSE GREEN RANGER WOOHOO! I have no thoughts on Green Ranger beyond that because I don’t remember a single thing about him but I remember the feeling of him being awesome and me wanting to dance around in spandex and be him. DID YOU KNOW that the Seoul Garden Hotpot is no longer at Cineleisure, by the way, we did not and were thus fully traumatised – but thank you, random penyet place at Centrepoint for saving the night! EVERYTHING’S CHANGING! Anyway, countdown to sweet sweet resexvist continues – 1 more day – I will need to shimmy my butt today and get busy – CUT my hair, FIND my boots and make sure they’re still black – I don’t know what else I need to prepare and its comforting that I honestly barely give a shit.


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