What Are Words: Prelude to Resexvist

Its Saturdoinks and there are 2 full days standing between me and resexvist time, which is exciting. You know I always like to commemorate my resexvist time here with little snippets of full-on joy so yeah, that’s coming. In 2 days time. I’m counting today as one full day, by the way. This would be my 5th high-key (not even going to explain the keys to you – the keys are a special subset of hellsome disgustment that, yes, deserves vague words that don’t exist to explain them in the most non-explanatory of ways) which means I will have 2 cycles of high-keys left after this, which means yay! I think. I hope. I’ve located my uniform, it literally feels like I live in a room made out of jungle material because its so HARD TO FIND MY GREEN PIXELATED UNIFORM but all is good; the search is over. I think I was disciplined enough the last time to keep all my badges in one tupperware box; a big thanks to the auntie living in my man-child brain. So I think I’m all good. As usual, we have zero idea of what we’ll actually be up to. I could go and find out we’ll be strip-searching neighbourhood pigeons for all I know. And thus, the unbelievably exciting element of suspense. I think that maybe part of me also kind of prefers to not know until the very last minute. There’s something very cathartic and awesomely naked about the way your brain feels when you’re in your greens – its like everything is up and down and whatever, lets f#$% everything and just do it woohoo! I don’t know why. Maybe its the fact that everything you’re wearing except for your freaking underwear was issued to you to wear AND you’re floating in a giant womanless abyss of no limits. It is oddly liberating in a weird way. NOBODY WILL EVEN CARE HOW MY HAIR LOOKS. You may not understand this statement, but I live in a world where one small gust of wind to my hair on my way to the office DEMANDS endless comments from front door to desk – oh did you change your hair? Something’s different about you! I like it this way.. OKAY YES I WILL SPECIFICALLY FIND THAT ONE WIND GUST AND INSTRUCT IT TO VISIT MY FACE EVERY MORNING FROM NOW ON SINCE THIS HAS BEEN YOUR GODLY DECREE. I don’t think that’s really exactly and specifically why I’m looking forward to resexvist, but that’s all I can imagine right now. In my abyssfull head.


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