Its Hot

I think I declared, a few posts ago, that I wasn’t going to extend this domain, and then today I realise that I did, in fact, extend it a few weeks ago upon forgetting that I had decided not to extend it. What is my brain? It was really hot last night, wasn’t it? I felt like I was sleeping in my toaster and my inner cheese was melting inside me all over my inner tomatoes while my inner chicken ham and my inner lettuce were plotting my death right in front of my slowly melting face. My bolster felt like a recently microwaved giant hotdog steaming like wildfire without any consideration for the fact that my poor overheated body is not, in fact, a giant hot dog bun meant to absorb all of its intense msg goodness at 17893674 degrees celsius. Actually, its morning now and I still feel hot so maybe its just me.


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